Simplified XML data processing using JavaScript and expose the data as a service without deploying any code!

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In this article, we will discuss how we could easily extract data from the XML file and expose it as a service using the IBM Cloudant view.


  • Basic JavaScript knowledge
  • Knowledge in Java or any other language to work with the XML file


We all have dealt with XML files and used numerous tools to parse XML and extract information out of it. However, the code to extract information could get complicated while dealing with XML with complex…

An efficient way to do bulk processing of documents in the Cloudant database in a synchronized manner using nodejs

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Batch processing is a method of running high-volume, repetitive data jobs and it drives many actions behind the scenes. This includes applying updates, processing data, integrating data from multiple sources, data extraction, and many more. In this article, we will discuss how to write a batch process for the Cloudant NoSQL database using nodejs.

nodejs use an event-driven, asynchronous non-blocking I/O model. So, considering a scenario where thousands or even millions of records need to be processed or updated, it could impact database performance as it would almost simultaneously fire all the calls at once. …

Debatosh Tripathy

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